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Protest against opposition leader Ali Karimli

by Sabina Vagif


Baku-in March 31, 2011 was held the meeting by a group of young people who mainly were from the New Azerbaijan Party (YAP). This is a governmental party and they did the protest against to Ali Karimli- the head of the reformist wing of the Azerbaijan Popular Front Party (APFP). The protesters started to march in front of the building where Ali Karimli lives. The main slogans were like that- “Shame on Ali Karimli!”, “There is no place to those who like Ali Karimli sold our lands to armenians”. “Shame on a treachery”.  The protesters demonstrated their attitude to the 11 March and upcoming 2 April meeting by a group of  oppositional young people.

March 31 – Day of Genocide of Azerbaijanis

March 31 is marked as the Day of Genocide of Azerbaijanis.

After the Republic of Azerbaijan regained its independence, it has become possible to renew the objective picture of the past history of Azerbaijani people . The truth which for many years was kept back, is getting disclosed and misinterpreted events are getting their real value.

Numerous acts of genocide against Azerbaijani people , which for many years did not receive its deserved political and legal assessment, is one of the secret pages of the country’s history. (

The Gulustan and Turkmenchay agreements signed in 1813 and 1828 provided the legal ground for the partition of the nation of Azerbaijan and division of its historical lands. The occupation of the lands continued the national tragedy of Azerbaijan people. Within a short time, gross settlement of Armenians in the territories of Azerbaijan has begun. The occupation of Azerbaijani territories became an integral part of the genocide. Continue reading

Photos from Jalal Shams Azeran

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Jalal Shams Azeran was born in 1971, in Tabriz.  When he was 25 years old he interested in describing social elements and abstract views, therefore, he started work as a photographer. Then he approached to the photography as a professional. From 2001 he had his photo exhibition in Iran and Turkey, his photos were exhibited in the international exhibitions. Currently he lives in Iran.

Baku-Four children might be adopted by foreigners this year

Vasila Mohsumova

By Tahmina Pashayeva

The State Committee for Family, Women and Children Affairs (SCFWCA) informed that in March, 2011 four foreigner families have applied to adopt a child. The sector director of the Committee, Vasila Mohsumova, said that those foreigners’ documents will be checked, if they do not find any problems at that time a positive response will be given to the foreign families:

“The figures have been changed compared to the previous years: six children in 2007, two children in 2008, two children in 2009 and two children were adopted by foreigners in 2010”. Continue reading

Reportage-Novruz holiday in Baku

by Khanim Javadova and Sabina Vagif

Suicide attack kills at least 13 in Afghanistan

A suicide bombing on a school in eastern Afghanistan killed at least 13 people and wounded 56 others, NATO officials said Monday.(

The Afghan interior ministry described a similar attack that killed 20 construction workers and wounded 56 others.

It was not immediately clear if NATO’s International Security Assistance Force and Afghan officials were talking about the same incident.

In ISAF’s account, an attacker drove a car bomb into a madrasa, a religious school, in the Bermal district of Paktika province at 12:30 a.m Monday.

Afghan contractors working for ISAF at a nearby base were staying at the school at the time of the attack, according to the force. Continue reading

Germany: Angela Merkel ‘to lose key state election’

German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian Democrats are set to lose the key state of Baden-Wuerttemberg after six decades, exit polls suggest. (

The polls put the Greens and Social Democrats at a combined 48.5%, with Mrs Merkel’s party and its Free Democrat allies at 43%.

Nuclear power, following the accident in Japan, was a key issue.

Eight million voted in the wealthy south-western state, in what was seen as a referendum on Mrs Merkel’s rule.

The region, around Stuttgart, has a population of some 11 million and has been ruled by the Christian Democrats since 1953.

If the Greens do go into coalition with the Social Democrats, it will be the first time they have held power in a state. Continue reading

Syria unrest: Two people shot dead in Latakia protest


Two people have been killed in the Syrian city of Latakia during anti-government protests, officials say.(

Officials said the two were killed by snipers but activists said security forces opened fire on protesters.

In the last week, dozens of people have been killed in a number of Syrian cities in protests against the rule of President Bashar al-Assad.

The authorities have blamed the violence on armed gangs trying to destabilise the country.

Offices of the ruling Baath party were burned down in the coastal town of Latakia and the southern town of Tafas, witnesses said, while hundreds of people renewed demonstrations in Deraa. Continue reading

Reporter from “Azadliq” newspaper Seymur Haziyev was beaten

Today, a press conference was held  in the press center of Institute for Reporters’ Freedom and Safety about the  beating of reporter from “Azadlig” newspaper,  Seymur Haziyev.

Journalist Haziyev told the group he was brutally beaten by unknown attackers. He said, “Yesterday I went out late from the work . I was going to  home settlement of Ceyranbatan.  There were 200 meters into the settlement. So  was going 60-70 meter. I saw  micro-bus with opening doors. I doubted that something  would be happen. I wanted to go back. But some people took me and beat me brutally. Then they took me to a house . They told me many times that be clever and live like other people. I make a note that they took all the proses by mobile telephone. Probably, they will show it to somebody. Then they threw me a street. At the same time they took my 2 mobile telephones and damaged my computer.” Continue reading

“2 April – Great Day of Rage”

by Tahmina Pashayeva

More 10 thousand users of  Facebook Social Network were invited to the “2 April – Great Day of Rage”.

The group called “ 2 April – A Great Day of Rage” was created on Facebook social network. The group says it will hold a meeting at 2 p.m in Fountain Square on 2 April. According to the information received by Baku Post , 915 persons have responded on Facebook that they will attend the protest and 402 person replied they maybe would attend and participate. Facebook also reports that 1645 people will not attend . More then seven thousands people have not replied yet.

Elnur Majidli, who is one of the founders of  the group, told to the Baku Post that “2 April – Great Day of Rage” will be continuation of the Great People’s Day.

“That is only project of people. It is organized separately from the political parties. So that the National meeting of the Public Chamber  which will be held on the same day is carried out on the basic of  the leading opposition parties’ plans.   We tried that to protect social tension in the country, to make people more courageous and to make the power to reform.” Continue reading