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Anet.az, an online advertising market released in Azerbaijan

By Khanim Javadova

A seminar on “Obstacles for development of the Internet in Azerbaijan, possible solutions and its future” is in its ongoing stage now. The seminar is organized by Nord Media and Caspian Engineering Society (CES) in Caspian Plaza’s conference hall and started at 14:00 pm today.
The main topics of the seminar are Alexa analysis of the Internet trends in Azerbaijan, most common search keywords, Internet Service Providers (ISP), domains and registrars and social networking.
At the end of the seminar was the presentation of http://www.anet.az which is the Internet advertising market.


“Khazar University on Internet” conference held

by Khanim Javadova

BAKU- Khazar University in Baku has held a conference on “Khazar University on Internet” today. The main discussion of the conference was the university’s current website and the comparision and redesinging of it. Khazar Internet Institute, the new body of the university created, has as its main goal to introduce the university on the Internet and realize new interesting projects.

Hamlet Isakhanov, Chairman, Board of Directors and Trustees of Khazar University introduces his presentation

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