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Video: April 17 – A day of Union in Baku, Azerbaijan

By Khanim Javadova & Tahmina Pashayeva

Public Chamber plans next protest on April 17

Khanim Javadova

A new date of protest has been appointed by Public Chamber. According to deyerler.org, Public Chamber is to plan to protest on April 17.

The decision was made on regular session of Coordination Council of Public Chamber on 9 April.

Isa Gambar, the opposition leader which also participated in the session, firstly remarked that the fight for freedom must go on. Continue reading

2 April-Day of Rage Protest/Azerbaijan

by Sabina Vagif

Today, Public Chamber held a meeting in Fountain Sqaure, about 2 p.m. BakuPost was informed that about 200 people took part in this meeting. Protesters demanded that the people in power must  resign. During this meeting about 70 people were arrested.

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