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Reporter from “Azadliq” newspaper Seymur Haziyev was beaten

Today, a press conference was held  in the press center of Institute for Reporters’ Freedom and Safety about the  beating of reporter from “Azadlig” newspaper,  Seymur Haziyev.

Journalist Haziyev told the group he was brutally beaten by unknown attackers. He said, “Yesterday I went out late from the work . I was going to  home settlement of Ceyranbatan.  There were 200 meters into the settlement. So  was going 60-70 meter. I saw  micro-bus with opening doors. I doubted that something  would be happen. I wanted to go back. But some people took me and beat me brutally. Then they took me to a house . They told me many times that be clever and live like other people. I make a note that they took all the proses by mobile telephone. Probably, they will show it to somebody. Then they threw me a street. At the same time they took my 2 mobile telephones and damaged my computer.” Continue reading