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Video: April 17 – A day of Union in Baku, Azerbaijan

By Khanim Javadova & Tahmina Pashayeva

17 April protest in Baku- PHOTOSLIDE

by Sabina Vagif

Video-2 April protest in Baku

by Khanim Javadova

Greek President is in Azerbaijan

Azerbaijani and Greece presidents had official meeting today

President of Greece Karolos Papoulias is now in Baku in the frame of official visit to Azerbaijan.

He was welcomed at the official ceremony by President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliev today. President Aliev held a one-on-one meeting with his Greek counterpart Papoulias after the official welcoming ceremony on 5 April.

According to the official website for the president of Azerbaijan, the sides stressed development of political, economic and other ties, bilateral relations and stressed good prospects of energy cooperation. The heads of states also exchanged views around bilateral and international issues.
It is anticipated Greece President’s visit to Baku Slavic University tomorrow.

Podcast from the “Day of Rage” in Azerbaijan

by Tahmina Pashayeva

Protest against opposition leader Ali Karimli

by Sabina Vagif


Baku-in March 31, 2011 was held the meeting by a group of young people who mainly were from the New Azerbaijan Party (YAP). This is a governmental party and they did the protest against to Ali Karimli- the head of the reformist wing of the Azerbaijan Popular Front Party (APFP). The protesters started to march in front of the building where Ali Karimli lives. The main slogans were like that- “Shame on Ali Karimli!”, “There is no place to those who like Ali Karimli sold our lands to armenians”. “Shame on a treachery”.  The protesters demonstrated their attitude to the 11 March and upcoming 2 April meeting by a group of  oppositional young people.

“2 April – Great Day of Rage”

by Tahmina Pashayeva

More 10 thousand users of  Facebook Social Network were invited to the “2 April – Great Day of Rage”.

The group called “ 2 April – A Great Day of Rage” was created on Facebook social network. The group says it will hold a meeting at 2 p.m in Fountain Square on 2 April. According to the information received by Baku Post , 915 persons have responded on Facebook that they will attend the protest and 402 person replied they maybe would attend and participate. Facebook also reports that 1645 people will not attend . More then seven thousands people have not replied yet.

Elnur Majidli, who is one of the founders of  the group, told to the Baku Post that “2 April – Great Day of Rage” will be continuation of the Great People’s Day.

“That is only project of people. It is organized separately from the political parties. So that the National meeting of the Public Chamber  which will be held on the same day is carried out on the basic of  the leading opposition parties’ plans.   We tried that to protect social tension in the country, to make people more courageous and to make the power to reform.” Continue reading

Youth organizations met to discuss arrests on eve March 11, 2011

by Khanim Javadova

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BAKU- A group of youth organizations in Azerbaijan met today to show their retort against detention of opposition-minded young people before protests on March 11 and 12, 2011. Continue reading