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Japanese exports fall 2.2% in March due to tsunami


Japanese exports fell more than expected in March, as damage from last month’s earthquake and tsunami affected shipments. (bbc.co.uk)

According to the finance ministry exports declined 2.2% from a year earlier, the first drop in 16 months.

Shipments of cars tumbled 28% as the sector continued to be hit by shortfall of parts and slowdown in production.

The earthquake and tsunami has damaged factories and disrupted the supply chain. Continue reading

Death toll from Japan aftershock rises to 3

by nytimes

Authorities on Friday blamed three deaths and more than 130 injuries on a fresh earthquake that struck northern Japan a day earlier, shaking up a region already devastated by March’s historic temblor.

The dead included an 85-year-old man who collapsed and died while trying to get to a shelter with his family and a 79-year-old man who was reported dead on arrival at the Red Cross hospital in the coastal city of Ishinomaki, doctors there reported.

Further inland, in Yamagata Prefecture, a 63-year-old woman died after a power outage caused by the quake stopped her oxygen, the prefecture’s government told CNN. Continue reading

Misplaced trust: 30-foot tsunami wall didn’t save Japanese village

By Paula Hancocks, CNN

Ryoishi, Japan (CNN) — Kawasaki Takeshi tried to hide his eyes as he breaks down. He is reliving the moment the “great wave” chased him and his wife into the hills. Continue reading

Japan says quake rebuilding to cost as much as 25tn yen

The earthquake and tsunami have caused massive damage to Japan’s infrastructure

Japan has said it will cost as much as 25 trillion yen ($309bn; £189bn) to rebuild the country after the deadly earthquake and tsunami.(bbc.co.uk)

The cost is about 6% of Japan’s total economic output in 2010 and is the biggest estimate so far.

According to the World Bank, Japan will need up to five years to rebuild and recover from the damage caused.

The devastation has been described as the country’s biggest crisis since the end of World War II. Continue reading

Latest news from Japan-The New York Times

WASHINGTON — The chairman of the United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission gave a far bleaker appraisal on Wednesday of the threat posed by Japan’s nuclear crisis than the Japanese government had offered. He said American officials believe that the damage to at least one crippled reactor was much more serious than Tokyo had acknowledged, and he advises Americans to stay much farther away from the plant than the perimeter established by Japanese authorities.

The announcement opened a new and ominous chapter in the five-day-long effort by Japanese engineers to bring the six side-by-side reactors under control after their cooling systems were knocked out by an earthquake and a tsunami last Friday. It also suggested a serious split between Washington and its closest Asian ally at an especially delicate moment. Continue reading