Youth organizations met to discuss arrests on eve March 11, 2011

by Khanim Javadova

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BAKU- A group of youth organizations in Azerbaijan met today to show their retort against detention of opposition-minded young people before protests on March 11 and 12, 2011.

The representatives of youth organizations discussed about the Appeal, which was prepared before the meeting. They consented to every point of it and decided to send it to law-enforcement authorities, government bodies, local civil society, the international community, representatives of the diplomatic corps of democratic countries in Azerbaijan.

The day before, a new Facebook event was created by Youth Committee of Azerbaijan Popular Front Party (APFP) to invite people to this meeting.

According to appeal, on eve of these days five young people were arrested. Two (Rashadat Akhundov and Abdulla Taghiev) are from NIDA! Youth Organization, two (Deyanet Babaev and Emin Akhundov) from APFP and one of them (Sekhavat Soltanli) was from Musavat Party. R.Akhundov and S.Soltanli were arrested and no reason was given, but A.Taghiev, E.Akhundov and D.Babaev were kidnapped by anonymous people. No one could get any information about them for some days from the Police and Interior Affairs Ministry. They were under the arrest from 4 days to 10.

Here is the extract from the appeal:

[…We consider that, arrests and kidnapping of youth must be stopped and persecution of activists should be ended. … therefore, if we take into account of new protest in the new future, we appeal to the followings….]

Law-enforcement authorities and government bodies: 

–  No illegal arrests;
– To allow free meetings to youth and opposition right-minded persons;
– To make suitable conditions to peaceful protests, instead of barriers;

Local civil society and the international community:

– Object against youth’s unreasonable detentions;
– Show your support to protect the rights of arrested people;

Representatives of the diplomatic corps of democratic countries:

– Invite authorities of Azerbaijan to comply obligation in the field of democracy;
– Invite authorities to stop groundless arrests of youth and provide the freedom of rallies.

The following youth organizations associated to this appeal:

Youth Committee of Azerbaijan Popular Front Party, Free Youth Organization, Musavat Youth Organization, Wave Youth Organization, Youth Organization of the Azerbaijan Democratic Party, December 10 Youth Organization, Youth Organization of Citizen Solidarity Party, Nida Youth Movement and Hope Party Youth Organization.

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