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Syrian forces kill as many as 24, opposition source says

Syrian security forces killed as many as 24 people over the past two days in areas where anti-government protests have been under way, an opposition source said Monday. (cnn.com)

by cnn.com

Some of the victims were killed in Talbisa when security forces fired on mourners at a funeral Sunday, opposition sources said.

Forces also raided homes and shot people on the streets in Talbisa, said Wissam Tarif, a rights activist who is outside the country and in communication with sources inside the country.

Tarif learned that 11 people were killed in Talbisa and 21 were wounded, but later lost communication with the town and could only confirm the names of five people killed in Talbisa. Continue reading

Syria unrest: Two people shot dead in Latakia protest


Two people have been killed in the Syrian city of Latakia during anti-government protests, officials say.(bbc.co.uk)

Officials said the two were killed by snipers but activists said security forces opened fire on protesters.

In the last week, dozens of people have been killed in a number of Syrian cities in protests against the rule of President Bashar al-Assad.

The authorities have blamed the violence on armed gangs trying to destabilise the country.

Offices of the ruling Baath party were burned down in the coastal town of Latakia and the southern town of Tafas, witnesses said, while hundreds of people renewed demonstrations in Deraa. Continue reading