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The U.S Ambassador at the Free Thought University

U.S ambassador Mr. Matthew Bryza with translator.


by Sabina Vagif

Today the U.S ambassador to Azerbaijan Matthew J. Bryza met with more than 100 young people at Free Thought University (Azad Fikir Universiteti-AFU). The topic of the discussion was “Azerbaijan-U.S.A relationships”.

The meeting was not open to everyone, moreover, there was limited place. Most of the participants were invited with the most active members of the audience from AFU. The audience also included well-known young people, bloggers, journalists, etc.  Mr.Bryza talked about free society, democracy, education and health care issues in Azerbaijan. He said that education is crutual and especially women be afforded the right to get a proper education. He mentioned that there should not be suppressions on freedom of speech if there is no ethnic, or religious discrimination. His attitude about protesters on 11 March is that they should be released: “Before or during last week detainees should be released quickly following Azerbaijani law. Othervise it is hard to understand how the authorities maintain their commitment under the international law.  The aim of these protests is to get more open and democratical country here”. Continue reading