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OPINION-War journalists-“Their life is not protected”

by Sabina Vagif

Idrak Abbasov talks about war journalists

On March 12, an Al-Jazeera cameraman Ali Hassan Al Jaber was traveling with two other Al Jazeera staff back to the rebel held city of Benghazi after reporting on an opposition protest in a nearby town. Moreover, unknown fighters opened fire on the car they were traveling in, according to Al Jazeera. This tragical event is raised the evidence that war journalists are still not protected in War areas during covering a conflict, no matter how professional they behave.

Azerbaijani journalist Idrak Abbasov thinks so and he shares his opinion about this event. as well as, his experience. He is a chief of the Extremal Journalists Institute in Baku. I.Abbasov covered the war between Georgia and Russia in 2008 where seven journalists were killed: “The situation in Libya is really so complicated and hard for correspondents as well. As I know four american journalists were been lost. The problem is that makes journlists’ job harder, and risky in the citizen war area. Therefore, in such kind of situation neither local, nor international law are being followed. So, it means even if a journalist is very well trained he or she still can be killed by fighting sides”. Continue reading