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Five protesters say they faced brutality at police station

by Sabina Vagif


by Tahmina Pashayeva

Azerbaijan Committee against Torture said that five protesters who took part  in 2 April rally faced brutality at the police station. Deputy chairman of  “Musavat Party” Tofig Yagublu  is one of them.

The chairman of Azerbaijan Committee against Torture, Elchin Behbudov, told BakuPost today that he will apply to Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) for inhumane behavior against these arrested people.

“Yesterday I met with arrested people. At present twenty four people arrested under administrative order. But  criminal case had been raised against the chairman of the Musavat Youth Organization Tural Abbasli. At the same time five arrested people applied to me as torture cases.”

Elchin Behbudov said that thirteen police officers are being treated at  Military Hospital of  MIA  as the result of their injures during the protest.

“Yesterday I was in Military Hospital of  MIA. They informed me that eleven police officers were injured severely enough to be kept overnight at hospital.”