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Libya: UN warns of blurring aid and military operations


The UN’s aid chief has warned against blurring the lines between military operations and relief work in Libya.

Valerie Amos said there was no need yet to accept an EU offer of military escorts to protect aid deliveries.

Meanwhile, Oscar-nominated Tim Hetherington was one of two Western photojournalists killed in a mortar attack in the besieged city of Misrata. Continue reading

Tim Hetherington, co-director of ‘Restrepo,’ killed in Libya

Tim Hetherington, the esteemed photojournalist and an Oscar nominee for a gritty and harrowing documentary about the Afghan war, has been killed in the war-torn Libyan city of Misrata, according to the president of the agency that represented him.

Another journalist was seriously wounded but his or her identity was not disclosed. Panos Pictures, which employed Hetherington, confirmed that the photographer’s family had been notified. Continue reading

20 leading Azerbaijani journalists hold hunger strike

Aynur Elgunesh

20 leading Azerbaijani journalists hold  hunger strike today, in support of  Eynulla Fatullayev, the imprisoned editor-in–chief of  ” Gundelik  Azerbaijan” and “Realniy Azerbaijan” newspapers.

“April 20,  the fourth anniversary of E. Fatullayev’s arrest. We want that Eynulla Fatullayev should be release and we protest as this form”.

Aynur Elgunesh, one of the hunger strikers and the editor – in-  chief of  news site ( ) told as that to Baku Post.

According to Aynur Elgunesh who took part in hunger strike, they are not leaving their work. Continue reading

Japanese exports fall 2.2% in March due to tsunami

Japanese exports fell more than expected in March, as damage from last month’s earthquake and tsunami affected shipments. (

According to the finance ministry exports declined 2.2% from a year earlier, the first drop in 16 months.

Shipments of cars tumbled 28% as the sector continued to be hit by shortfall of parts and slowdown in production.

The earthquake and tsunami has damaged factories and disrupted the supply chain. Continue reading

Iranian engineers abducted in Afghanistan


At least seven Iranian engineers have been kidnapped in western Afghanistan, Iranian media reported on Monday, citing officials. (

Iran’s state-run Press TV said that seven engineers were kidnapped, while the semi-official Fars News Agency said that 12 Iranian engineers were taken, in addition to five Afghan nationals.

It was not immediately clear which, if either report was correct. CNN could not independently confirm the details. Continue reading

Syrian forces kill as many as 24, opposition source says

Syrian security forces killed as many as 24 people over the past two days in areas where anti-government protests have been under way, an opposition source said Monday. (


Some of the victims were killed in Talbisa when security forces fired on mourners at a funeral Sunday, opposition sources said.

Forces also raided homes and shot people on the streets in Talbisa, said Wissam Tarif, a rights activist who is outside the country and in communication with sources inside the country.

Tarif learned that 11 people were killed in Talbisa and 21 were wounded, but later lost communication with the town and could only confirm the names of five people killed in Talbisa. Continue reading

Video: April 17 – A day of Union in Baku, Azerbaijan

By Khanim Javadova & Tahmina Pashayeva

17 April protest in Baku- PHOTOSLIDE

by Sabina Vagif

Sixty five protesters were kept at the April 17 meeting

Sixty five protesters were kept at the April 17 meeting. According to the information of Baku City Main Police Department and Procurator’s office, forty people’s accusations will be send to the court. But twenty five people  were released after the detaintion.According to the statment totally, one hundred and fifty people took part at April 17  protest.

Public Chamber mention that more eighty people were arrested.

Raw footage: April 17 Protest in Azerbaijan

15.30 at the Sahil Park. The police are trying to set their power around the park to avoid expected illegal protest by opposition.

Arrest during the protest..

While the citizen said your opinion about the meeting he was arrested by policemen.

Full version of the video package from the protest April 17 will be available at BakuPost tomorrow.