“2 April – Great Day of Rage”

by Tahmina Pashayeva

More 10 thousand users of  Facebook Social Network were invited to the “2 April – Great Day of Rage”.

The group called “ 2 April – A Great Day of Rage” was created on Facebook social network. The group says it will hold a meeting at 2 p.m in Fountain Square on 2 April. According to the information received by Baku Post , 915 persons have responded on Facebook that they will attend the protest and 402 person replied they maybe would attend and participate. Facebook also reports that 1645 people will not attend . More then seven thousands people have not replied yet.

Elnur Majidli, who is one of the founders of  the group, told to the Baku Post that “2 April – Great Day of Rage” will be continuation of the Great People’s Day.

“That is only project of people. It is organized separately from the political parties. So that the National meeting of the Public Chamber  which will be held on the same day is carried out on the basic of  the leading opposition parties’ plans.   We tried that to protect social tension in the country, to make people more courageous and to make the power to reform.”

According to Elnur Majidli the purpose of this meeting is to prepare the society to more sustainable actions.

“Our slogan-Our rage is our victory!  At the same time each individual may object with its slogan, there is not any obstacle. We will continue our non- concreteness (chaotic) tradition as well as on March 11 action. So that the decisions will not be given by the institute, people will give it in an individual form. It will make acts more coloured, as well as it will embarrass the power.”

Elnur Majidli considers that these acts will open a new way on the social and political life of Azerbaijan:  “For the first time we have applied non-concreteness tradition as a political and social mechanism. The power do not determine the mechanism of tussle against it. To tell the truth it cannot be determined. It makes mistake which way is choosen. Anti – propaganda which is going to start against 2 of April on local TV channels show that our activities are effective.”

Elnur Majidli said that 2 April event does not have connection with any event. “It is a simple date. There are a lot of writings about the March 11, why was choosen the March 11 date and etc. These are only conspiracies. Perhaps, it has a symbolic meaning, may be it is a historical day, but we do not determine a day according to this.”

E. Majidli also emphasized that Public Chamber applied to Baku City Executive Power to hold a meeting on the April 2.

“The Permissible meeting is impossible in Azerbaijan. Along with them , we also wait the result of apply.”

The participants of the group “2 April – Great Day of Rage,”  as well as, Public Chamber (opposition parties) will hold a meeting at the same time in Baku.

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