Georgian Public Broadcasting is against Subtitled Movies

TBILISI- Subtitled movies make TV ratings drop, said Gia Chanturia, Director General, Georgian Public Broadcasting (GPB) speaking at the March 14 sitting of the GPB Board of Trustees. The video version of the session was published on the GPB website.

“Broadcasting the movies of the kind in prime time makes no sense, no one is watching them. Georgian commercial TV companies face the same problem. The moment a subtitled movie starts our rating immediately drops since the viewers switch to foreign, and mainly Russian channels,” said Gia Chanturia.

“An essential part of the audience is made up of the people of middle or older age who find it hard to read subtitles. Home theatre is not affordable to everyone, consented Levan Gakheladze, Chairman of the GPB Board of Trustees at the same sitting.

Following the October 30, 2009 resolution by the Georgian National Communications Commission private TV companies as well as a public broadcaster shall translate into Georgian 30 per cent of western movies included in the programming.

According to the same resolution western movies are the production made in the USA and Canada as well as all of the countries where European Convention on Trans-frontier Television is applicable.

In April 2010 President Saakashvili said that airing movies with subtitles would be conducive for the population to study foreign languages. He then made a televised appeal to the public broadcaster to contribute to studying English through its programming and defy rating.

If you know Georgian language, please click the video for the details.


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